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      Stress from assignments is a common challenge for students, but there are strategies to manage it effectively. Here are some tips to help you reduce stress related to your assignments:

      Time Management:

      Break your assignments into smaller, manageable tasks and create a schedule. This will make the work feel less overwhelming.

      Focus on the most important and urgent assignments first. Use techniques like the Eisenhower Matrix and sources such as to prioritize tasks effectively.
      Plan Ahead:

      Avoid last-minute rushes by planning your assignments well in advance. Set realistic deadlines for research, drafting, and revision.
      Create a Dedicated Workspace:

      Set up a quiet, organized workspace where you can concentrate on your assignments without distractions.
      Take Breaks:

      Schedule short breaks during your work sessions to prevent burnout. Stretching and deep breathing can help you relax and regain focus.
      Stay Organized:

      Use tools like to-do lists, task management apps, and calendars to keep track of your assignments and deadlines.

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